links a-plenty!

my workload has been CRAAAAAZY this week. i know i always say that, but this week… phew, will go down as one of the most insane. anyway… enough complaining. 

we have finally updated our tiny mammoth site with our summer collection! take a peek here. it also includes a secret colouring-in page to print out – see if you can find it! thanks to rex for making it all work


another site that was launched this week (well more of a blog actually) – was the three of a kind blog. as you will soon discover, three of a kind is the title of an exhibition i am working on with 2 other artists – madeleine stamer and iggy and lou lou – which opens november 20th. even though i was trying to limit my involvement in exhibitions this year, when maddy asked me to be participate in a show with her, and also mentioned irene would be showing her amazing work, i jumped at the chance! the blog will be updated by us three with opening night details, exhibition work and other surprises. 


and lastly.. a bit of parental pride… tyke wrote and recorded a song called “i’m in my rocket” with his awesome music teacher claire at school, and then performed it with her at the fringe festival a few weeks ago. you can hear the song here. apparently was played on RRR last week and they said was like “gary numan had been let loose in a preschool”. i am totally taking it as a compliment.

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2 Responses to “links a-plenty!”

  1. Anna says:

    Awesome, awesome song. Hooray for little people!

  2. beci says:

    thanks anna – will pass on your compliment to tyke!