in the studio today…



9 Responses to “in the studio today…”

  1. Orange Cups says:

    what do bears eat?

  2. beci says:

    well according to me – sparrows, rabbits, squirrels and mice. dinner/movie soon?

  3. Ro says:

    Beci…what are they made of? They look fly anyway

  4. Orange Cups says:

    are you asking me out on a date rebecca? i’m easy, by the way. x

  5. Jingers says:

    Do I spy a murder of crows? Or is it an unkindness of ravens?
    Either or, my boyfriend will love those! Can’t wait for the new line, Beci!

  6. how cute looks this?!!!! are the bears soft? ooooh wow, I hope so they will be available soon?!

  7. beci says:

    thanks! they are made from perspex… will be on my online store – if it over manages to open!

  8. Ro says:

    Looking forward to the ‘coming soon’ to change to the shop!

    I recently took pics at the new Lark shop, and noticed the new cushions and I’m all like…hey there Beci Orpin’s yeah…and Alison was all like yeah, and then we had to get the bus to school. Totally rad.

  9. beci says:

    i cant wait until the ‘coming soon’ changes either – how knew how tricky it was to open an online store! i thinki saw those lark pics too – looked real purdy.