i am still sorting through photos ….

well actually, i feel like i hit the ground running since we got back, and i haven’t had a single minute to choose the best ones. but in the meantime here are some other things i have been up to:

we went to the opening of johann’s exhibition – raph has 2 little bro’s – joh and rudin. joh is the youngest (23), and he has just curated a show called “room service” which opened last night at the carlton club. joh’s artists selection is smart – each artist work is different,  but as a whole exhibition it comes together a really well. my favs were rudin’s (raphs other brother, who formally starts his career as a tattooist this week – go rudes!) beautiful old school tattoo style ink drawings, marty bell’s insane drawings and oliver and yoko’s room of paintings and screen prints. also in oli and yoko’s room was a little cupboard installation with their 3yr-old son akira’s drawings covering the walls and a “chuppa-chup grow room”! too much! below is a pics from their zine – colour versions of these paintings in the show. the exhibition is on until the 22nd – more details here. if you and melbourne its def worth a look.


noe made a costume for sarah blasko. sarah blasko is currently on tour and noe made her stage costume. i went to see sarah perform on sunday night and the costume was sooooooo beautiful – noe did and amazing job. not only does it have crazy technical sewing detail but it has two surprises – the front drops down to reveal and patchwork spectrum heart and also just before she performed “no turning back”  the sholders popped open to reveal beatiful concertina colour detail! genius!


leah made this print f0r fundraislinn exhibition - isn’t it amazing? i also put in piece, and many, many others contributed.  unfortunately aislinn passed away  on the day of exhibition. was also the day before her 30th brithday. i didnt know her, but its such a tragedy. the exhibition did raise $30,000 which will be passed onto her family and breast cancer research. 


i finished this illustration for myer’s emporiom magazine. another nice job which came through jacky winter


i am giving a talk in hobart tomorrow it is been organised by the tasmanian branch of the AGDA, and its called “breakie with beci”! cute!


have a nice weekend! x

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7 Responses to “i am still sorting through photos ….”

  1. Where’s Rudin working? With Danny at Tattoo Magic? I’ve got a hankering for an ampersand tattoo…

  2. beci says:

    mmmmm… ampersand tattoo sounds good! he is working at place called kaos tattoo in altona. sure he will end up with danny one day though!

  3. I’ve done some pretty extensive ampersand research, it’s got to be Bauer Bodini Bold http://xyzstudios.com/ftp/dan/image/ampersand.jpg

  4. this costume is absolutely amazing! and apropos, thanks for the ‘perforated house around the corner’ comment… too funny, world is so small!!

  5. verimaz says:

    we saw Sarah Blasko last night too and the frock was spectacular. Who is Noe? What else do they do?

  6. beci says:

    noella (noe for short) works for us part-time, and otherwise is genius pattern maker and master seamstress. she has also worked on costumes for the grates and a few other bands. she is in the midst of putting together a website which i will be sure to post about once its live!

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