patterns in malaysia

i am just back from our trip to malaysia – was so great, a real adventure!  i wouldn’t exactly say that it was relaxing – travelling with young kids can be hard work and we managed to squash a lot of activities into 10 days (from super-trashy theme parks to hanging out with monkeys in pristine rainforest). but i have returned feeling refreshed and inspired and like we really had a proper break. 

there were so many things i loved about malaysia. things that i expected – the food, lush tropical-ness and meeting raph’s (very extended) family, and things i didnt expect at all – the use of bright colour (aqua, pink and yellow houses are quite common), and an abundance of patterns everywhere. here is a small selection of the patterns i came across on our journey 


am currently sorting through the 500 or so pictures we took, and once i have, will post the highlights.

5 Responses to “patterns in malaysia”

  1. Pip Lincolne says:

    Welcome home! I like the tiny tiles! Like square confetti! See you soon!

  2. gini says:

    yeaheee patterns look great! looking forward more fotos!
    glad you’re back

  3. Liv says:

    love this post sooo much beci!!

  4. Ro says:

    Welcome back!