Lakes Entrance in April.

It’s been an eventful year thus far, mostly good, a little bit bad. I will tell all soon (oh how I do miss writing this blog), but for now here are some photos we took took while we were away visiting my Dad at his old / new hometown of Lake Entrance back in April. These photos where taken by our good friend and extended family member Chris Middlebrook (hence the dysfunctional family portrait towards the bottom).

It was a no-frills holiday full of excellent adventure –  trips to the local market, boat rides to swim in secret beaches (it was still warm enough to swim then), visits to the local skatepark, lots of great bird-spotting and way too much fish and chips.

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My dad is just out from an unexpected stay in hospital. We think he will be ok, but it’s been a bit scary, and made even more frustrating by him doing the Dad thing of not telling us anything as he doesn’t us to worry us (which makes us worry more – just so you know Dad). But we had a really great time with him when we visited. These photos also make me realise how huge my children are getting. Life really does move so fast. I hope I’m doing all the right things.

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4 Responses to “Lakes Entrance in April.”

  1. Polly says:

    These photos are beautiful! I’m sure you are doing all the right things :) Hope your Dad gets better soon

  2. I think you are most def doing all the right things! love to you and your rad fam xxx

  3. Kristina says:

    Hope your father feels better very soon! I just discovered your work after watching “this is my city”. Very nice to stumble on you and your work. I loved seeing you balance a family and art. As a new mom and an artist it made me feel inspired.

  4. Marg says:

    re doing all the right things I remember a conversaiton with the number one son about parenting and him telling me that you and Raph are the perfect parents for him and his brother!