* ari turned 6

* miso and tio almost became friends

* i held some workshops (at my house for booksellers and at craft victoria for other nice peeps)

* we made a sunroom

* it was max‘s birthday

* ari made lots of art (which is hard to tell apart from mine)

* school holidays came and went (alice made masks)

* had my mind blown at MONA (and saw original Darger’s!!)

* spring sprung and we basked in day- light savings glory

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2 Responses to “lately”

  1. emily says:

    And now I want cake! (hoping you are finding time to eat these days xox)

  2. Saskia says:

    Love the doughnut gobbling game (I tried to do that with mini bagels one year, which was ridiculous as they were rock hard and the kids were furious). Gorgeous cats!

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