“Colour Assembly I” at Koskela (and new book!)


For the past few weeks I have been putting together some new work for an exhibition which opens at Koskela in Sydney this Saturday. I’ve titled it “Colour Assembly I’, and without wanting to contextualise my work too much (it just looks nice ok?), I have been playing with ideas of positive and negative space, layering and stacking, and as always – colour.

I have been working with large scale laser cut wood and paper garlands (so much fun), in the hope of filling the huge walls and lofty ceilings of Koskela with something different. I have also been trying to transport bits of my skecthbook out into the main view with some collages. All in all – i’m seeing this show as more of an experiment rather than finished pieces (although there are some of those involved too). The show opens this Saturday (2 – 3.30 – all welcome!) and runs until the 27th of October. Koskela – 1/85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery, NSW. More details here. I will also be holding a workshop at Koskela on the 26th of October.

The experimental path I have been following in making this work continues into a second show titled “Colour Assembly II”, at Craft Victoria‘s window space. ‘Colour Assembly II’ opens Sunday 22nd September. More pictures of that once it’s up (and the work is finished).

Because of the scale of this work and the extreme mess situation in my studio, i temporarily moved into Kirra‘s beautiful two-level, light-filled studio, which is also for lease (some info here). It was such a great experience – that place is perfect. If i wasn’t already moving studios (yes it’s happening!) I would be leasing it in a flash.

ALSO>>>>>> yesterday I received the advance copy of my new book ‘HOME’! Once again seeing it in the flesh after so much time labouring over it was a completely surreal experience. Here is a little sneak peek of the cover:


It will be released in Australia through Hardie Grant on November 1st (US  release date to be confirmed early next year, and BTW German friends –  there will soon be a German edition of Find and Keep!). A thousand million thanks to Michelle Mackintosh and Chris Middleton – my book dream team – for making the whole process amazing once again. And also to Alice Oehr who was along for the whole ride too, and made it much easier (and 100% more fun). There is a long list of others to be thanked as well – all in good time!

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7 Responses to ““Colour Assembly I” at Koskela (and new book!)”

  1. Kit says:

    Hey Beci, congratulations on the new book, cannot wait to see inside! Also, love the sound of these exhibitions, will definitely come along to the Craft Victoria one. You are amazing xx

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Looks awesome! Will definitely be there for the exhibition opening! Looking forward to the new book too! :)

  3. Shopsuy says:

    A new book, that’s great !!!

  4. emily says:

    Fabulousness in two parts!! Can’t wait to see the inner sides of your book and also the exhibition looks brilliant. you are a very talented lady indeed!

  5. [...] aesthetic is once again on display in Colour Assembly 1. As Beci has written in her latest blog post, the show is an exploration of negative and positive space, and features large-scale laser-cut wood [...]

  6. Congrats!! the book looks really cool!
    Can’t wait to get it! Love your work.

  7. Charis says:

    Oh Beci, will you ever exhibit in London do you think?! The new book looks fab!