the design files open house

Basic CMYK

this year i am lucky enough to be included once again in the design files open house. as with last year, lucy from the design files has taken over a whole house for 4 days and filled it with an outstanding selection of art and objects, including pieces from kirra jamison, jardan, dawn vachon and daniel emma - just to name a few (for a full list of contributors see here). everything in the house is for sale – possibly the best christmas shopping experience ever!  here are some (very average) pics of the 3 new original pieces i will have on display (and for sale!) at the house:


they are respectively titled “up“, “down” and “around“, and have been framed by the lovely folk at neo frames too. for more details on the design files open house, check out the website. (ps awesome design files flyer by georgina perry)

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3 Responses to “the design files open house”

  1. Samone says:

    Awww, nuts! I was in Windsor today, kid free, gadding about with my make-up melting in the sunshine, and forgot to go look. Can’t wait to get a gander! Beci, your three new pieces are GORGEOUS.

  2. memtree says:

    hi beci,

    posted about your workshop on my blog

    thanks for the awesome day!

    em :)

  3. Hi Beci, I just wanted to tell you that I bought your fantastic book on the weekend and that I think it is nothing short of fan-bloody-tastic!! It really is so lovely and has inspired me to make. At the moment I’m thinking paper garlands for christmas and those awesome plant hangers to go in my window and, and….so congratulations to you for putting together such a beautiful and well thought out book. (what a nerd, I actually read it from cover to cover!)