rituals and potatoes and advance copies

so. i had a big post planned – about the things i’ve been up to lately. there has been quite lot: speaking at the semi-permanent conferences, visiting leah in tropical tweed heads, a shoot for inside out, ari’s 5th birthday. but of course all those things meant i have been manic, and have barely had a second to sit down. so you might just miss out on that stuff (unless you are on instagram – then you get to see everything). but i will quickly tell you about 2 exhibitions i am involved in in the coming weeks. the first is ‘Rituals’, curated by the ever-busy hungry workshop. all the artists where asked to design masks or faces – here is a sneak preview of my work combined with eirian chapman‘s piece:

the exhibition opens on saturday at koskela showrooms in sydney (where the school also resides), and is up until the 7th of october. you can see a flashy preview of some of the work on the hungry workshop blog. (the show is rumoured to be heading to melbourne next).

the second show is at ganim store (61 brunswick st, fitzroy). as part of their upcoming kids week rae has asked 40 artists to customise a mr.potato head doll. they are not for sale, just for fun (which is great!). details below:


and another thing that happended last week. something monumental, something i could not not write about : an advance copy of my book “find and keep” arrived!


i am so happy with it. i can’t wait for it to be out in the big wide world and getting put to good use. it will be in bookstores from the 1st of november. keep an eye out here for some sneak peeks and also melbourne and sydney launch party details.

there you go – i did get to sit down long enough to write something. and as from tomorrow i will have many more opporutnites to sit down. or lie down even. possibly next to a pool, or on a beach, with cocktail in hand. yes – we are going on a holiday. were off to  malaysia for some more tropical fun times. i plan to eat and lounge and then eat again. and oh my god do i feel as though i have earned it. see you in two weeks!

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13 Responses to “rituals and potatoes and advance copies”

  1. maura says:

    hello Beci!

    i came about your site & blog in a round-about way, but i’m so glad i did! what wonderful work you have on here. so much of it just makes me smile :) i was wondering… will your book be available in the u.s.a.? i’d love to get a copy! if you don’t mind, please let me know.

    thank you!
    all my best,

  2. beci says:

    hi maura, yes my book will be available through rizzoli in the US! thanks! beci

  3. Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to buy your book, I love the work you do.

  4. Lorraine says:

    I love hearing about how you keep it all together, even with so much going on. Right now, I have so many plates spinning on the ends of wobbly sticks.

    Would love to buy the book too (in the UK?)

  5. catie says:

    No wonder you weren’t at Michelle’s launch last night- have a wonderful, well-deserved break! Xx

  6. beci says:

    Hi Lorraine, yes the book will be available in the UK through hardie grant! Keep your eyes peeled!

  7. evie says:

    hello beci, lovin’ the sneak peak print with eirian’s work! looks a-mazing. sounds like a great show – wishing i was in syders to check it out in person. will just have to make sure i get to the awesomeness of this mr potato head show. brilliant idea! love the poster too. congrats on the book. can’t wait for it to be in the real world either!! busy busy you! always inspiring : )

  8. maura says:

    yay! thanks! i will look for it through Rizzoli. cheers :)

  9. kat cameron says:

    fab fab fab! can’t wait to get your book Beci! looks amazing. Have fun on your holidays, you certainly earned it! xox

  10. emily says:

    I adore the Mr Potato Head show idea – please, please, please share your potato when you have a spare moment…

  11. Francie says:

    Your book looks so good! I’m on the review lists for several of the major publishers… Who did Find & Keep?

    Again, congrats!

  12. IrenePal says:

    What a lovely blog! You are very talented… I’m definitely buying your book.

  13. Marie says:

    I’m deeply in love with your book since I’ve seen it! And deeply want to find such a beautiful Eye Patch! Could you please please tell me where I could found it? (Did I say please?)
    Thank you soooo much from France :)