kirra jamison at craft victoria

i have been a fan of kirra‘s for quite a while now. her arresting, beautiful sense of colour and form is not something i could ignore, even if i tried. recently, we have become friends – now i love her work even more. so, although it has been recieving lots of well-deserved press elsewhere, i too couldn’t resist but to write about kirra’s latest exhibition ‘total control‘ as well.

i felt very privileged to have an insight into kirra’s working process - on a few occcasions i visited her at harvest while she was screen-printing away in the wee hours of the morning. seeing both kirra’s want for perfection, and the amazing amount of consideration and detail which went into producing each print was one of the most inspiring things i have come across in a long, long time.


total control by kirra jamison: window space at craft victoria, 31 findlers lane, melbourne, until march 31st. the prints are also available for sale through craft victoria. you can  read a nice interview with kirra on the craft victoria blog (such a good blog btw). (above photos courtesty of kirra, harvest blog and craft vic blog)

and just in case being talented and lovely was not enough, kirra also runs a food blog called keke. it’s full of nice stories and yum things to cook and eat (she even takes good photos. ridiculous).

and now, back to me. last week was a week of much running around and not much actual work going on. fun for a change. we had a photoshoot at our house which took a few days of cleaning and preparation, but at least it looked pretty good for half a day (back to its usual chaos now of course), and i got to buy somethings i’ve been lusting after for a long time. more on that soon.

some other goings on: if you missed it, lucy posted a little insight to my wardrobe on the design files. i was also interviewed on australian infront today about field trip. and in the studio this week, i’m starting on something big. nail-bitingly big. the biggest ever. ever. it’s going to take up the next 3 months and i’m scared but also excited. i’ll update all about it when i can. bonsoir til then x

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3 Responses to “kirra jamison at craft victoria”

  1. Amy says:

    I just laughed out loud at your ‘who’s your daddy’ answer in that interview. I would have taken it literally too but still, what do they MEEEAN!? Three months of huge excitement sounds wonderful, good luck with Field Trip. Seriously wishing I could come down for it (and maybe find you under a table) but alas, next time xo

  2. Gute Filme says:

    Gute Filme…

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  3. emily says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Kirra’s work – it is indeed amazing! One of her colourful pieces is on my dream home wish list for sure. Love your first photo of the colourful pots…