mushrooms canisters for ganim store


last year i was approached by an amazing women by the name of rae ganim. i say amazing as rae is someone whom i had heard and read about since i began my obsession with textile design almost 20 years ago. rae is also a textile designer, working with prue acton in the 1970′s and then going on start her own textile company. she has been cited as “one of the most important designers of the 8o’s”, has some of her pieces in the melbourne museum, and is even listed in the DIA hall of fame.

i was star struck to say the least. but lucky for me, rae is not only ridiculously talented, but also super awesome, and we got along very nicely indeed.

in october last year, rae opened her first shop - Ganim’s Store in fitzroy, full to the brim with all things colourful, beautiful and useful from around the world (not to mention her daughter sunday’s beautiful blankets too)


(images of ganim’s store by josie withers from this broadsheet article )

for her shop, rae and i designed these mushrooms canisters (the tops come off and you can put things inside!). they are all hand-painted and one off and varying sizes, and prices range from $90-$150. there are 6 in this first collection, with similar co-lab type products to follow throughout the year.


available exclusively from ganim’s store: 61 brunswick st, fitzroy, victoria. ph 03 9416 1001 (online coming soon too, but phone orders welcomed in the meantime).

also, today is my last post on the design files guest blog. i’ve been pretty chuffed/overwhelmed/freaked out by the amount of love i’ve been getting over there… thanks if you have been reading it. was a great way to start 2012.

happy friday xx

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10 Responses to “mushrooms canisters for ganim store”

  1. ARRRH THEY ARE ADORABLE!!! Sorry for the rude screaming, I absolutely adore them, I want an army of them on my kitchen counter! If only I have mountains of cash at my disposal, maybe I can start hinting at all my friends as to what to get me if they ever wants to get me a present.

  2. emily says:

    OH MY! Love, want, etc! Put these on my birthday wish list PLEASE! Also, that store looks awesome, you must take me there when I’m next in town? x

  3. Amy says:


  4. Mads says:

    Gorgeous Beci! Love!
    Also fantastic week on TDF. Loved reading (stalking) more about you and your life/inspirations/book collection/etc etc etc :)

  5. librarygirl says:

    Exciting. I owned a HEAP of Rae Ganim’s dresses in the early 90s, from her Bridge Road store. Gorgeous simple styles and incredible prints.

  6. Liv says:

    Beci, I want them all. ALL!!!!

  7. memtree says:

    oh i love them! especially that they are also useful and not just pretty! :) i might just have to drop by the store sometime soon :p

    btw, your book is currently displayed at kinokuniya sydney with some of the other books published by erm. it’s in the corridor display cabinet (bridge between art/design/foreign language area and other books).

  8. Mrs Bok says:

    I. LOVE! They are FANTASTIC.

  9. Catherine says:

    how much are these lovely mushrooms?

  10. Charis says:

    How did I miss these the first time around?! Golly these are so cute Beci, love!