sportsgirl co-lab

after a few dozen ideas, a couple of months of development and possibly a billion emails, the co-lab products i put together with local mega-brand sportsgirl are finally available instore!

sportsgirl_3sportsgirl_4sportsgirl_5sportsgirl_2sportsgirl_1products in the range include:

- make your on gift card set

-make your own embroidered cushion

- journal

- fold up rain poncho (with fluoro pink print!)

- aluminum drink bottle (not shown – yet!)

please excuse my crappy snappy snaps. there are more professional pics coming soon. i’ll post when i have them, and i believe there will be a little giveaway as well. in the meantime it’s available in sportsgirl stores and also on the sportsgirl online store (you have to search for it though!)

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15 Responses to “sportsgirl co-lab”

  1. oh my gosh i want it all!!!!

  2. Hello says:

    AMAZING! Eeeep want it all. The water bottle is on their site now. Cute town!

  3. deer donna says:

    wow beci, thats awesome!!!!

  4. gini.helie says:

    waou!!! Beci welldone!!!
    it looks fab! i want everything…but it’s not available for France :-(
    is there anyway we cd do a swap for things like we did before???
    : )))))

  5. Jen says:

    I was so SO happy when I went to Sportsgirl last Thursday and found a surprise Beci Orpin water bottle- It actually made my day. Can’t wait to grab the rest too!

  6. mish says:

    I will have to get it for Millie!!! she will love it! big congrats!

  7. anna says:

    Wow congrats, all so beautiful! Cheers Anna

  8. Jen says:

    I popped in to Sportsgirl on Tuesday, and my eyes were captivated with your things. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.I am so impressed! I don’t know if I need a rain poncho but it’s just so cute. Love the water bottle and didn’t see the cards in the store I was in. Perhaps a trip to a bigger store is in order.
    They are very lucky to have you.

  9. kim says:

    wow! i havent set foot inside a sportsgirl store since I was 18 – now, i’m hoping to get one of the rain ponchos for my girl. well done beci, everything looks smashing!

  10. memtree says:

    oh i saw them today. absolutely delightful!

  11. emily says:

    Okay, looking at everything again…I want one of those DIY gift card sets! Please?

  12. Fiona says:

    Ha! I popped in yesterday (love buying their discounted jewellery and then tearing it apart!) saw that raincoat and tsk-ed thinking “What a blatant Beci Orpin rip off!” oops! Might have to pop back and actually invest in it!

  13. Samone says:

    Woww!!!!! Awesome, Beci!!!

  14. Hide & Seek says:

    Congrats on the awesome products Beci! We know what we’re going to be buying people for Christmas.

  15. I love love love this poncho but I didn’t manage to find it at any Sportsgirl stores… epic sadface. Is there any other way to get one??