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my birthday is fast approaching. despite my love for celebrating birthdays, it could turn out to be a bit of a non-event this year. raph is experiencing a staffing crisis which means he is usually working 14hr days, making it tricky to organise anything. and that big birthday (yes 40. it freaks me out just write it) is just a couple of years away, so i’m happy to save up some birthday credits to make that party/parties really really incredible.

however, i’m still planning on spoiling myself a little this year, and of course will still be using it as an excuse to dream up a list of ridiculous birthday wants. as follows:

1. scholten and baijings bed linen: or pretty much any products that they make. their use of colour leaves me breathless. available in australia from corporate culture


2. misaki kawaii painting: ms.kawaii is my (and a lot of other peeps) favourite artist at the mo. new PAM x Misaki kawaii leggings would suffice too (pic from this article)


3. hand made arrows from fredericks and mae: no, i’m not into archery, but these are so beautiful that i would still like to own some. they would look great just on the wall. available in melbourne from third drawer down.


4. russell wright ‘american modern’ pottery: i do have a soft spot for vintage pottery, especially when it comes in such pretty shapes and colours. available from bauer pottery internationally and angelucci 20th century in melbourne. (pics from here and here)


5. backyard studio: i’m still utterly obsessed by this idea (since here), possibly spurred on by jealousy now that raph has his warehouse. i have daily visions of a modest seperate space in the garden, open to ocassional young visitors, but on the whole just my own. surely not much to ask. a ‘modern meets rustic’ combination of these two below that included a wall of shelving would be perfect. you can even download plans/construction intructions for the top one here. hint hint dad. (thanks for the tip off mel)


that is all for now. some fun news and giveaways coming up next week xx

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7 Responses to “birthday list”

  1. cath @ chunkychooky says:

    I too am dreaming of a studio with a wall of shelves. I have it all designed and furnished ( in my head) but I now have seen a suspension bridge on the bottom one and ma wondering how I can add that into it somehow….. I spend hours looking at studios and lady sheds on the internet drawing little pictures….

  2. Jodie says:

    hope you have a lovely birthday…it’s my big 40 tomorrow…been a bit hard to organise stuff as this weekend our boy turns 5, its a long weekend, and its the rugby world cup finals and everyone in NZ is watching (and hoping)…so off away for the weekend next weekend with some girls…can’t wait!

  3. beci says:

    jodie – hope you have fantastic birthday amongst the craziness. cath – i’m jealous you get to even think about a suspension bridge! you should do it! and lets swap images – i’m sure you would have some awesome ones x

  4. Pippa says:

    I love your birthday list and covet these goodies also!
    …..and forty is just another f word :)

  5. kat cameron says:

    Happy Birthday lovey! hope you have a brilliant day oxox

  6. tracy says:

    Gosh. At first I thought, ‘Oh, that linen’, but then I got to the studios. Yearn.

  7. marg says:

    Just love the second one, it’s whati think I need at Rye, so maybe we could share….