it’s been just over a week since i got back. it feels like a life-time ago.

staying with em was a dream – despite being 28 floors up in the middle of a huge city, i felt like i was on a resort. after a few days away i easily slipped back into a pattern of pre-child life with just the occasional feeling of guilt. i read books, drank martinis, slept-in, shopped, meandered and took my time doing everything (one day i spent a whole hour just getting dressed! such indulgence!). i even did things in my sketchbook – not because i had too, but because i was too inspired not too.

as per usual i forgot all about taking photos of sights, and everything i took is colour and pattern. not sure if it shows a true representation of seoul of not, but it shows the bits i like. this included:

* craft shopping at namdemun markets – once you navigate through the usual bootleg touritsy fare (still fun) – it’s serouisly mind-blowing. like tokyu hands but across a whole district. i’m talking multi-level shops full of every type of paper and paper product imaginable. multi-level department-store-size buildings full of every type of jewelry making supply imaginable. stores in laneways with layers and layers of cotton quilts in the best colours ever. little corner stores selling just super cute kids shoes. there is even a fresh flower market on a 3rd floor in the middle of it all. (tricky to find – but there are always tourist info helpers around you can ask). it was hard to digest. luckly it was opposite were my sister lived so i was able to visit everyday.

* exploring hongdae – reminded me of harajuku, with its cute winding streets and small boutiques and nice cafes. my favourite shop was “i think so”. best stationary selection EVER.

* eating korean BBQ in myeong-dong, and tasting the gigantic array of kimchi in the basement of fancy shinsegae department store

* mental toy museum we happened across in insa-dong. worth every cent of the $1 entry fee – strange arrangments of worn out dolls, plastic figures, vintage packaging and hand-drawn art.

* visiting the MMMG store and cafe in anguk-dong. so cute – these guys really do excel in everything they do.

* hanging out with elfi and ferdi (my sisters exceptionally cute daschunds)

i thought seoul could be my second toyko, but it was actually very different. more conservative but also more chaotic (i like a bit of chaos). i loved the aesthetic i found in their design too – quite understated but very considered, and so beautiful.

now, i am well and truly back to reality. over the next 4 weeks i have to complete work for three big briefs (thanks JW!), give two talks, make artwork for two group shows, make new products for our may markit stall and participate in one (very public) forum. and there is even more to come after that. big and exciting things too. more on all of that soon!

happy weekend! x

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5 Responses to “seoul”

  1. I love your travel photos – I want to see the colours and the textures not the toursih attractions, I can see them anywhwere ( online) . Those textiles- be still my heart!!!

  2. Ladybirdy says:

    Oh wow! Seoul is on the very top of my ‘must go’ list and it looks like you had a fabulous time! The Namdemun Markets sound amazing! Thank you for sharing. :D

  3. Emma says:

    Green with envy over here……

  4. emily says:

    Seoul looks so colourful in your photos, I love all the colours and patterns grouped together. So glad you had a relaxing time too (I sometimes worry that ‘relaxing’ can mean ‘boring’, but I think not in this case!). Come back soon!!! xox

  5. ANNA says:

    thanks for this post! since so many years its my wish to visit seoul one day. one day …