hong kong


i’m back. i had a great time. really, really great. going to different countries is always inspiring and exciting, but hanging out with my sister 24/7 was the best part of the whole deal. i don’t think it’s something we have done properly (ie no child/parent/friend distractions) since we lived at our parent’s house(s) a million years ago. i’d forgotten how fun and relaxing time with her can be.

our first stop was hong kong, where i met em and stayed for 2 nights. i hadn’t been to hong kong for a while, and i loved it all over again – i felt like it had lots of new energy and great things going on everywhere i looked. highlights were:

- lusting over the beautiful selection at lane crawford homewares store at pacific place

- shopping at IT (in particular the tsumori chisato concept store in the harbour city branch. heaven)

- fancy lunch at l’ateleir de joel robuchon

- not so fancy (but equally delicious) dinner at local dumpling house

- bargain spotting a various markets

- drinking cocktails in the hotel lounge at any given opportunity (such a luxury for me).

see more of our hong kong adventures on my sister’s blog (who co-incidentally put up a very similar post while i was writing this one).

next up, pics of seoul taken with my new camera (goodbye crappy iphone pics, hello a-little-bit-less crappy proper camera pics).

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3 Responses to “hong kong”

  1. memtree says:

    ohhh how fun! i love tsumori chisato’s concept store in harbour city & of course lane crawford! did you visit silvercord in tsim sha tsui?

  2. that feather shop looks great such YOU colours!

  3. Samone says:

    Awww, what an awesome holiday!!! I love Honkers, but haven’t been there in a few years. The buyers for the IT shops must have a kaleidoscope to my soul, love everything in them!!!