you know when you find something so ridiculously good, a small part of you dies inside, and you expeirence extreme joy and a touch of envy? and its so good, you find it hard to go back to your own creative job, which now looks comparatively pathetic? well, that’s what happened to me when i discovered the work of illustrators and mulit-displenary artists husmann/tschaeni.

their incredible use of colour, pattern, animals and children while still maintaining dark under-tones and a sense of wonder and mystery, is everything i could ever want in a piece of art, and then a little bit more. its the type of art i would work a life-time just to own.

husmann/tschaeni have also collaborated with one of my favourite local labels – rittenhouse. you can see the collaborative pieces here.

and it gets even better: husmann/tschaeni are having an exhibition in melbourne, titled “awaiting the night to fall” which opens tonight, at until never gallery. there will also be a separate set of work titled “oh, it’s an eerie frost” out on the city lights project space in hosier lane. plus some new rittenhouse x husmann/tschaeni pieces on display. i can hardly wait.


“awaiting the night to fall”, march 2 – 26, until never gallery, 2nd floor, 3-5 hosier lane, melbourne. opening wednesday 2nd march 6-8pm.

husmann/tschaeni website here.

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4 Responses to “husmann/tschaeni”

  1. madeleine says:

    Hey Beci SNAPAROO! I absolutely LOVE their work too and was spitting chips that I couldn’t go to the opening, they are such a magical duo. I remember when they were in Australia last time and I noticed a tram they painted rattle past me while I was waiting at the lights, now that was a magical moment. I shudder to think that it has since been painted over :( Check out pics here:
    p.s I’ve been meaning to send you this kilim link just in case you want to start a collection for your new lady space:
    xo m

  2. Eirian says:

    Just checked out their exhibition yesterday, so wonderful! Thanks for the heads up :^)

  3. Charis says:

    Wow, their work is amazing…