interior decoration torment

hello! i’m here. sorry i haven’t been for a while. i was here, just not on my blog. i have been getting rather distracted with – well, life. not traumatic things like a few weeks ago, just everyday things – work, painting my nails, cooking long and involved dinners, drinking wine – that kind of thing. i’ve even managed to watch a whole tv series on dvd. plus it’s raph’s busiest time of year, so i have also been doing a lot of solo parenting too. it’s actually been a pretty nice pace and i have been enjoying it .

even with life running pretty well, there is one thing which has still been driving me crazy – our new lounge room. although, not in a bad way – its just i have been spending way too much time looking at vintage sofa’s on ebay, finding local rug wholesalers, measuring floor sizes and bookmarking pages in magazines and interiors blogs. and if not that,  i am constantly thinking of furniture arrangements, colour palettes, art purchases and craft projects to complete it all. my brain has been relentless in its pursuit for the perfect lounge room pieces and it’s actually got to a point were i feel like i am tormenting myself with interior decoration. and the really tragic part  - a piece of furniture is yet to be moved.

but i now have a deadline – my sister is coming to visit, and since we are sans guest room for now, i have decided she simply must have a new lounge room to sleep in. which gives me this week to get it all together.

amongst the mental torment, i have managed to work out what my dream lounge room would comprise:

antique kilim rug: preferably from loom , but more likely from a local turkish rug dealer.


indoor plants: one big tree-like one (fiddle leaf fig will be perfect thanks), pot plants in macrame hangers (nice ones from small town) and a terrarium (with dinosaur!) from miniscapes.


lots of colour and a bit of clutter: like in these two lovely rooms (from edition paumes “copenhagen apartments” – available online here). although knowing me and my love for stuff, possibly a bit more clutter. and mess (btw marcus hay does clutter really well)


vintage leather couch: this amazing wikkelso one from great dane. one day, it shall be mine.


knitted pouf: this one from christien meindertsma is the best. and in my dreams, i would have yellow one, a pink one, and an olive one. available from thomas eyck


storage: for the modest amount of clutter, and our not-so-modest amount of books.


round coffee table: something i have missed in current desperately small lounge, in particular a round one (inspired by this). below from mark tuckey


lots of light: not something i can exactly change as yet (proper renovations are a few years off), but what we have in the new room is not so bad. i can live with it. especially when the mobile by renilde de pueuter i brought from mr.kitly yesterday is hanging in the window.


throw in a a couple of quirky arm chairs, some brightly coloured 1960′s posters and a george nelson bubble lamp and it will be perfect. unfortunately my budget is not, and i am fairly sure this is going to cause at least one outrageous foot-stamping “what do you mean paying the mortgage is more important than buying furinture?!” tantrum from myself this week. but fingers crossed i can still make it work with our existing vegemite-stained (but still some-what nice) furniture. will be sure to post photos if so.

i must admit, i feel rather silly being so obsessed with material frivolities when there are much more serious things going on in the world, such as the devastation of the christchurch earthquake. please help out our our kiwi compadres by dontating here.

ps i am not sure where the photos of the lovely indoor fig tree and bookcase are from – sorry if its from your blog/camera/house and i didnt credit you. please let me know if so so i can correct!

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13 Responses to “interior decoration torment”

  1. Maree says:

    sounds so nice – I hope you get your dream lounge and house! I have most of the Paumes books and can completely understand how addictive they are and how you can obsess about getting everything just spot on :) I’m yet to master the whole sophisticated-but-cluttered-room look!
    good luck

  2. fiona says:

    haha – oh the torture…..if only our dreams could match our reality! well they can i guess, just sometimes not on our meagre budgets and in a weeks time! have fun though! maybe enlist your sisters help when she arrives – she has to earn her keep! :)

  3. the room with the orangey red couch ( that is gorgeous by the way) looks like you already designed it!! It is so YOU!

    I agree with Fiona above, what I want to do and what I have money to do are two completely seperate things.

    I cannot wait to see it.

  4. pen says:

    think you are going to love our new autumn/winter cushions……
    I’ll hopefully get them in store this week
    send you a photo if you want a sneak peek!

  5. Amelia says:

    LOVE that pouf.

  6. emily says:

    Oh yes! Now that sounds like a lounge room I could camp out in! Expectations are high…

    ps. and more than happy to help with the heavy lifting etc, see you SOON x

  7. Emma says:

    There is a barber up here in Coburg who has a HUUUUGE fiddle leaf fig in his shoppe, I always admire it when I go past, Harding St near Sydney Rd. The hair ads in his window all look like Freddie Mercury, super stylin!

  8. beci says:

    emma! i am heading up to the burg this afternoon and will be sure to check it. thanks for the tip!

  9. bg says:

    Hi Beci,
    Is there a particular rug shop you know of that has a good range of kilims? I’m looking to buy one too.

  10. Anna Lloyd says:

    I NEED that coffee table. So lovely.

  11. Bess says:


    does anybody know where you can buy a fiddle leaf fig? I’ve searched everywhere online to no avail.

  12. Anna says:

    Hi Beci

    I really love that antique kilim rug you posted on your blog back in Feb….was that photograph from Loom….I have trawled the net and can’t seem to find anything nearly as nice as the one you posted.

    If you could please let me know that would be brilliant!

    Thank you


  13. Love, Thomas says:

    I had to have a little giggle reading this post. I am going through the EXACT same thing with my own living room at the moment. It becomes an obsession, doesn’t it? For me, I want to change it so badly, but on the other hand I don’t want to change anything unless I can do the entire thing in a week (or last week, if possible). That’s the trouble with so much inspiration out there to drive us mad. You wrote this a while back, so I certainly hope you’ve managed to do your overhaul! Holly from Love, Thomas (