a little controversy

you may or may not have noticed that i took down my most recent post. it was about a project which i was asked to take part  in by clemenger, but has since seemed to have been pulled. after my post a few people (such as this one) left concerned but still nice comments saying the project was possibly not a good idea, and why. and then another person left a not so nice comment at all, which made me want to stop writing a blog and stop doing what i do. and that sucked. 

i am still confused about the whole thing, but i decided i like the prints that i made, so here they are again. i didn’t make them specifically for the aforementioned project, so they may well be appearing in an exhibition/zine/tee -shirt near you soon


ALSO – beatbox kitchen rooftop will be opening the hatch for the very first time tomorrow. provided you are over 18 you can now eat a raph-burger (or fries, or schnitzel wrap, or shroom burger, or ice -cream sandwich) from 12pm – late every day! here are some nice words that three thousand had to say about it today. level 7, curtain house, 252 swanstons st, melbourne. full post coming with photos soon!

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27 Responses to “a little controversy”

  1. imogen says:

    that does suck! i just wanted to say that i really liked those artworks you did and hope they do end up in some other form! and that i find your blog super interesting and inspiring. xo

  2. beci says:

    thanks imogen. so nice of you to say and i very muchly appreciate it! x

  3. LL says:

    soon there will be chinese & russian sites for teenagers to illegally download poster artwork…

  4. Cassandra says:

    Don’t stop doing what you do and don’t stop the blog Beci, it’s ace and I love reading it. Go eat a big pink cupcake and have a cuppa. Mmmmmm

  5. Cathg1g2 says:

    Your work is beautiful and inspiring and the world needs stuff like that…don’t ever be silenced!

  6. You know I think you rock and if you ever stopped creating the beauty you do , the world would be a little duller.

  7. amy says:

    arh! how can anyone make you want to stop doing what you do best? your art is amazing and your blog is a treat! i don’t know what said a**hole did, but what ever it was just remember that they are epic douchebags and you are epic awesomeness :)

  8. Claire says:

    So glad it appears you’re not going to let it get you down! Excellent work! And beautiful art work!

  9. chanie says:

    wow beci-i have been thinking about those prints since i first saw them 2 days ago. the first one of the girl especially takes my breath away and i was about to write to tell you this when i saw today’s post! they are awesome and should be seen & enjoyed by many many people out there so can’t wait to see them in an exhibition/zine or tee soon. i would love to buy one, c x

  10. Kate says:

    Beci, I didn’t read the comments for the post you took down, but be reassured for every shitty person out there there are at least 10 nice ones and it harks back to my Grandmother saying to me “If you’ve got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”.
    Your work is great and by all accounts you’re a thoroughly decent person ;)

    PS The HP project terms were shocking.

  11. fee says:

    Oh no don’t stop blogging, you’re a huge inspiration to me and I always geet excited to see new blog entries from you! I think sometimes people should just focus on the positives more!

  12. aww that’s a shame the whole project is shut down. i thought it was a kinda cool idea… but i’m a bit dumb on those matters… hmmm
    it’s still beautiful artwork – don’t ever stop doing what you love doing lady!!! x

  13. Lara says:

    hi Beci, such a shame….
    I really love the images too, I like the mix of hand done painting with more clean graphic shapes. Its really fresh and personal.
    A wise lady at Craft Vic recommended to me the best way to deal with copyright issues is to publicly own your ideas and always keep the new ideas coming, so keep blogging and sharing what you do.

  14. little bird big chip says:

    im confused! what happened? i love your blog and it seems as i am not the only one…! you are totally inspiring as a super awesome design lovely and family lovely, love your work.

  15. Annie says:

    i love your blog beci. don’t stop. i soak it up over my morning coffee everyday at work in london town. your entries about your family, work and inspirations make me reconnect with oz, my birthplace and opens a door to so much awesome talent other than your own, the world over. xx

  16. kym says:

    your ace
    and so is your world
    you created and nurture
    may it blossom

  17. Lilly says:

    Huh, well the terms they emailed me (& probably you, too?) were quite different. Don’t let anyone get you down, Beci! Your work is so fantastic!

  18. Emma says:

    I did hear about this controversy on the radio a few days ago, and indeed it was in yesterday’s Age. Weird, no?

  19. jacqueline says:

    if you ever stop blogging i will cry.

  20. Ami says:

    please keep blogging! i love your work! i secretly refer to you as “my favourite designer”. keep on, keepin on.

  21. kym says:

    what press was it can you elaborate or dare I say share your thoughts on this further, its all quite unclear

  22. emily says:

    Controversy! Yowsers – doesn’t sound like fun…BUT I adore these prints so I’m glad there still around. When I saw them in the original post I literally gasped (and then tweeted that my sister was a creative freakin’ genius…). The colours and the mix of ‘textures’ are just amazing, seriously beautiful work x

  23. s. says:

    please don’t stop blogging!
    you make the most beautiful work, and this blog cheers me up every time i look at it. i would sorely sorely miss it. xx.

  24. nathan says:

    agree with everyone above. please keep blogging beci. love your thoughts about juggling family with life, art and everything in between. oh, and your stuff is pretty spesh too. keep on keeping on! nathan

  25. Gemma Jones says:

    keep on doing what you do! keep it sunshiny and positive – cos that is what you do best.

  26. Mel says:

    Beci, love this blog. This is my lawyer brain speaking but because one is required to email and confirm acceptance of the terms with HP, I would have thought emailing and changing the licencing terms to limit it to the use of the competition only and for display (and no other exploitation). (and if they do not agree then they cannot print your art work). My 2 cents. in the past certain corporations have requested the use of my flickr photos for their magazines/ shows but I have always requested a change to licensing conditions. If they don’t agree, that is no loss as I’m not being paid for them to use my pics (or peanuts) – I guess in that instance my loss is greater than their potential gain. As it applies in your situation, i would weigh up the risks vs benefits and submit it based on that analysis. If I were you I would only decline on the basis that you have a good name and you don’t want them to exploit your work in anyway and make money from it! (If I was an unknown designer looking to promote myself that would be a different story…..!) Plus I would think you have enough leverage to negotiate with thelikes of HP! :) GOod luck and keep blogging.

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