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its my birthday soon. i do like birthdays, and when the time draws near i plan a minimum of two celebrations per birthday (usually more). i also like birthday lists. i can’t remember quite how it started, but my sister and i have always provided each other with extensive birthday lists. much thought goes into each others presents, so much thought also goes into the list. i am surely a HUGE pain in the butt to buy for – my lists to her are full of links to ebay auctions, or some rare only-released-in-japan APC bag. but em always comes through with the most amazing and thoughtful gifts (often not even from my list).

if i could get anything in the world (world peace etc aside), this is what would be on my list this year:

sabrina dehoff rope necklace (xl): its from her last collection but i do still love it, plus many more of her pieces too.


nymphenburg ”bowl with hare”: any of these or this would be fine as well thanks


* vintage ercol daybed: i am sure they are in australia but i am yet to find one. its my dream sofa for my dream “lady-den” that i plan to have one day (essential for mental health in a house full of males)


geoff mcfetridge painting: any piece from his most recent exhibition “the westest” would suffice. this is my favourite


gouldian finch: the sound of finches peeping and canaries singing always remind me of staying at my ganny’s house. she lived near the dandenongs and had a huge magical garden with big avaries full of canaries and finches. she also had the best knick-knacks (great brownie downing collection) and fed us sao’s with tomato and cheese. pretty great memories. but… as beautiful as they are, i think it might upset me to look at a bird in a cage every day. especially when they are an australian native with numbers dwindling in the wild. its a nice in theory though.


*  lunch at ottolenghi or rose bakery (including plane fare to get there too): i have been to neither but have both cookbooks, and they are heavy on the things i most love to eat – salads and sweets


oh, its nice to dream, but really, i will be just as happy with a sleep-in, a piece of cake and glass of proseco in my sunny backyard with friends and family. 

hope you have a great weekend x

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16 Responses to “birthday list”

  1. Jen says:

    holy awesome…I really hope someone gets you that rope necklace. it has your name on it! actually to be honest, I really hope someone gets one for me too!

  2. ooh love a birthday list! I too would be happy with just a sleep in… 2 and a half years of 5-5:30am wake ups everyday really does ones head in!
    love that sofa though, i would sacrifice the sleep in for that baby! :)

  3. grace says:

    Hi Beci, do you ship to the US? Thanks!

  4. Great selection! if I was choosing to buy for you I would get you the Geoff mcfetridge painting for sure!

  5. Mimi says:

    I hope you’ll enjoy your bday, Ottolenghi is very nice they have different locations and also have very nice cakes I’m sure it would be a nice birthday cake too

  6. Liv says:

    …rose bakery…meeeee toooooo!
    let’s go please x

  7. emily says:

    Awesome birthday list! I hope you get a whole flock of finches, that would be super cool. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY xox

  8. emily says:

    And um, yeah, not feeling ANY pressure to come up with the goods after reading that… (gah!)

  9. abby jenkins says:

    Lady-Den! I could use one of those!
    Love your choices. Happy Birthday

  10. gini helie says:

    ohoho hippy birthday!!!Beci mine is on the 27th october! love love love from gini scorpio love

  11. Michelle says:

    Oh my, would you believe I saw that ercol daybed in a second store in Hobart, it came with an armchair and coffee table. It was totally gorgeous!

  12. Lilly says:

    The bowl with hare is so beautiful!! I hope you have a happy birthday!

  13. Loving the rope necklace.

  14. Gemma Jones says:

    that geoff mcfetridge painting is out-of-control great! woot! x

  15. Nicole says:

    love all these too – especially the print showing the girls knickers ….so much a jaz or michelle thing to do.

    I dont remember Nan;s house in the dandenongs, my first memories are of box hill opposite the cemetry ? or is that in my mind from /that head injury story/ maybe it was the other box hill place near the bus depot. come and sit in Haydons aviary, him and the dog do and enjoy a beer in there.

    we are doing kris kringle for adults this year within our family, and I am going to suggest the list thingy too

  16. beci says:

    actually nic it was my other gran – my dad’s mum – that lived in the dandenongs. possibly why you don’t remember! i have checked out haydon’s aviary and am tres jealous! xx