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this week the sept/oct issue of inside out magazine came out which happens to include a feature on our house, beatbox kitchen and our favourite melbourne spots (you can see some of the photos here). it was styled by the lovely and talented megan morton and photographed by equally talented and lovely jason busch

to be honest i was slightly terrified at the thought of our inner most sanctum being in print and so very public, but as i have been a fan of ms.morton’s work for while, i had absolute faith that she would do a great job of transforming our mostly hovel-like house into a inside out friendly condition.

when i saw at the photos i though they came up a treat, but i find it hard to look at them without thinking about the huge amount of junk that is concealed inside the kitchen cabinet, and the pile of washing that is sitting behind the kids bedroom door. but, i am really happy with how the whole article turned out, so big thanks to you megan (and of course to you jason), for turning a potentially terrifying experience into a very nice keepsake that we will treasure for long time.

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16 Responses to “Inside Out Feature”

  1. Kelly says:

    Every time I see your house I long for that white bunny you have living there!! Where in the world did you get it? Would love to know.
    The photos are beautiful! Your house is fantastic. Congrats.

  2. I think it all looks great- I often wonder about the houses in Inside out and always think – with horror- how much cleaning would have to do if anyone was ever coming here god forbid!!!

  3. it looks beautiful you clever bunny!
    I love it!
    can’t wait to get my issue here in tokyo!

  4. Mandy says:

    Hic Hic Hooray! for you & yours. The article & your abode look fab.
    Cant wait to buy it. Inside Out, Orpin arty bits & Raph burgers ala Beatbox.
    How good does life get eh?
    Have a fab weekend.
    Im whipping up your coconut cake for a galfriends B’day …Burp!
    Smiles all round :-D

  5. Cate says:

    Hi Beci I love your creativity and just read the article – congratulations – its great – and thanks for fessing up to the “hidden mess”…makes this work from home Mum feel a bit better!

  6. librarygirl says:

    my design obsessed 16 y.o. has a sub to InsideOut and it’s sitting on my coffee table as I type, so will go and have a read with a cup of tea!

  7. Spin Spin says:

    It looks so great…and those kids of yours are too cute!

  8. Cathg1g2 says:

    V cool
    Thanks for tips for Tokyo
    B/n you and Hello sandwhich our family of 2 teen girls are set for a great trip

  9. Nedda Ebo says:

    That’s awesome, I love the photo. :) Congrats on your house being in inside out mag!

    Mustart x

  10. emily says:

    My copy of Inside Out arrived yesterday – I LOVED the article, lovely words and fabulous photos. I especially liked the Beatbox Kitchen one, glad to see Miso got a starring role too x

  11. Georgia says:

    Oooo how exciting for you guys. Must go & grab a copy.

    p.s I have the same tray! ha!

  12. Liv says:

    We love that picture of you so much Beci.
    It’s on the fridge.

  13. Anna says:

    Hey Beci,

    I flicked through it today at the newsagents. It’s gorgeous, you must love your home so much. And – how rad is that high chair? I just got the stokke and was pretty happy, but then saw yours – where is it from?

  14. Josephine says:

    I would probably die of terror if they came to my house but I am so glad people like you are braver for the rest of us to marvel over. xx

  15. Chojii says:

    Yes, what IS that high chair? I love it!!

  16. beci says:

    the high chair was a present from my mum when tyke was born, and i just passed it on to another baby, so i cant even look to tell you what brand it is! i will ask mum if she remembers, but i dare say she would have brought it from baby bunting in balwyn ( as it the closest baby shop to her house. if i do find out i will def let you know though!