highlights included:

* beautiful green-ness and serenity of kichjoji (my new favourite place in tokyo)

* studio ghibli museum

* riding bikes around our neighborhood (see masami’s awesome BMX with childseat above. so cool)

* hanabi at teppei’s daycare summer fete

* eating cold soba noodles accompanied by a kirin or sapporo almost everyday

* drinking late night champagne with masami

* eating an ispahan macaroon at pierre herme with shauna (possibly one of the best things i have ever eaten)

* paddling in a swan boat in inokashira park

* kitchen shopping in kappabashi

* catching fish and turtles at an asakusa festival 

* watching tyke and ari loose there minds at kiddyland

* discovering cute stores around nakamichi street 

* hara donuts and ice-cream

* spending a ridiculous amount of money on stationary and stickers at loft 

* sipping iced lattes with ebony at this cafe

* being constantly surrounded by awesome graphics 

this trip showed me a different tokyo to my previous visits, but i still loved it just as much, maybe even more. i cant wait to go back!

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16 Responses to “tokyo!”

  1. thank you for this nice trip!!

  2. Anna says:

    I want to go to tokyo! In spite of the frustrations you mentioned, it does look like a really great place to visit with children?

  3. beci says:

    apart from the stairs – definitely. japan is a very child-friendly society. there was not one restaurant we went into where they didn’t have a high-chair, and we were always given special kids bowls & cutlery. most of them also had kids menus. people were always trying to help us with the pram and both kids got lots of “kawaii!” from strangers. kids activities (apart from zoo etc) can be hidden but we got some good tips from tokyo-parents before we went that ended up being lots of fun. i highly recommend!!

  4. Danie says:

    Hi Beci, Looks like a wonderful trip! You certainly deserved the well earned break! Good on you! I am starting to slowly plan a trip for my own family – well in my head / dreams! – I am researching and believing we can do it with kids and researching how! I am all inspired after purchasing Hello Sandwich’s zine on Tokyo. How did your kids manage the hours in department stores? – I can’t wait to get back to Loft after visiting the store 12 years ago and I still dream about going back there! Thanks for the photos, inspiration and lovely writing.

  5. beci says:

    thanks danie – you should definitely try and do it! we had a lot of fun. although, they didnt manage department stores or many stores at all for that matter too well. it definitely hindered my usual shopping sprees that have happened previously in japan (probably a good thing!). but fortunately they both loved loft so i still got to spend lots of time there. and a quick hint – when they did have enough of stationary and stickers (outrageous, i know) the loft i went to in kichijoji had a big game arcade in the basement which proved to be pretty good bribery – the promise of going there afterwards brought me another hour looking at other floors!

  6. gini helie says:

    oh waou!!!! just makes me want to go back! me and my famiLy are trying to move there next year!!! so thank you for showing me that Japan is super fun with kids!!!

  7. manda says:

    wow Beci, looks like Japan was a whole lot of fun. makes me want to go back even more. and p.s i love your blog. manda x

  8. jodi says:

    looks amazing and oh so inspiring. I want to go.
    Ps. your children are adorable

  9. emily says:

    Woah! Awesome overload.

    A few things:
    - I want a guinea pig! Now!
    - That photo of the lake with the boats all lined up and the lush green – gasp, beautiful shot!


  10. The swans!! the swans!!! Are they bnikes or boats?? your photos looks amazing, looks like everyone had a great time.

  11. Kathleen says:

    Gorgeous photos! Taking the 4 and half year old away in October and now I’m feeling confident.

    : )

  12. little bird big chip says:

    oh such lovely pics, makes me want to work on my residency applications for Japan just that little bit harder. I am going back to Japan next year. There its in print now it must be true!

  13. george says:

    bummer, i so needed MOIS when i was living in tokyo. i didn’t find it :( BUT :) i did find LOFT-too many times. pretty much the reason i came home with no savings!

  14. Camila says:

    oh I only just got back and you’re making me miss it already! Kiddyland was totally my favourite place in the world!

  15. These photos are fabulous. I feel like I’ve taken a little journey myself!

  16. The whole trip looks so great! I used to have those little turtles, but we never could keep them healthy! :(