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Tuesday, December 31st, 2013


Woah. Here we are hey? The end of another year. Another big one for me. Another big one that did not involve a whole lot of blogging. Two months since my last post. I have had lots to say, but not the notion. It got to the point where i couldn’t even look at my blog becasue i knew  i would be hit with pangs of guilt and laziness.

ANYWAY. Here, in brief, is round up of some of the things that happened to me in 2013. (WARNING: the following is like 10 blog posts in one hit, and possibly quite ranty. If you are in for the long haul you might want to grab a cup of tea, or champagne – it being NYE and all. If you would like to abbreviated version, skip trough to the last line) :

1. I brought a new bike. Biking has happily become my main mode of transport (no i still don’t have my license, and am none closer to it either – see number 8). I figured as I don’t spend money on a car (actually I do partly pay for our car, but you know…), I would upgrade my trusty 80′s ladies’ step through for the bike of my dreams. I went local to the very lovely and knowledgable Will at Jetnikoff Bicycle Co. I took him some pictures and told him to spare no expense.  In return, I got the custom built bike of my dreams. Not only does it look perfect, it is an absolute joy to ride. It was an investment, but I use it everyday, and it was completely worth every singe penny.

2. Enjoyed hanging with my bigger kids. Ari blossomed at school. Where at home he can be defiant, mischievous, very whiney and just plain naughty – in school, Ari was a model student. Teacher’s pet even. It was huge exhale of relief  for myself and Raph. School also saw him properly evolve into the “kid” phase. With Tyke well and truly already there, this year has opened a whole new world of mid-week dining out, almost adult conversations, family bike rides and board games. Not that I didn’t love them both being little, but I did feel a constant undertow of guilt and burning the candle at both ends and never quite feeling like i satisfied my roles of mother or designer. Now I feel like I can talk to my kids about being busy, and they understand, and then time we do spend together (which is a lot actually) is so satisfying. Of course it’s not all roses, but I am absolutely LOVING this kid phase, especially as Tyke seems like he is about to transform into the next phase at any moment. It feels like these are the golden years.

3. More time. Well, not that it was that obvious with the lack of blog posts, but with both kids being at school I did feel a definite change in the way I spent my time. I still ended up working most nights, and there where still times were I felt like all I did was work and hadn’t left my desk for days, but I would say overall I was somewhat more organised, and my stress levels were down. If I can fit some more sleep in in 2014 i’ll have it almost down pat!

4.  I turned 40. I still can’t believe it. Not that I don’t want to believe it, I have no qualms with what stage in my life I am at all. I feel pretty good with the amount I have achieved, I feel psychically fitter and stronger than I ever have, I almost feel financially secure (knocking on wood right now). It just feels weird actually coming ou t of my mouth – “I am 40″. Also so many people feel so young around me. I’ve had a great work experience student lately  - Esther. She is a really sweet  and a fully fledged adult human, and she was born in 1993. In 1993, i was already an adult, and she was yet to born. THAT spins me out.

I did celebrate the occasion with the most amazing party ever, where we turned our cubby house into a DJ booth, and my favourite people played music and there was much dancing under the stars. Raph fed everyone too. It was on that night I worked out why 40th’s are so good – by that stage of one’s life, you have worked out who is worthwhile, and who is not. No dickheads, straight good peeps. Thats definitely nice part to be in your life. Bring on 50 I say.

5. I became addicted to clothes again. Not since my early 20′s have I developed a love affair like this. Shallow I know. Definitely related to number 3. There has been much more internet browsing going, where I subscribed to far too many mailing lists. I’m sure my click through rate was thoroughly impressive. My wardrobe expanded more than ever before. On the upside – I try to support local and small designers / stores, and that make makes me feel way better about this silly indulgence (you can see some of my favourites here).

6. I travelled. India. Sydney a lot. Byron Bay. Tasmania (MONA!). Most of it solo. There is more of that to come. I enjoy it but it’s conflicted with leaving my kids.I find it harder now than when they are little. Their day-to-day is so engrained in my being.

7. I released a second book. Just saying’. You can buy it here.

8. I still didn’t get my license. I know – I SUCK. There is still a huge list of reasons for me to get my license. But I am also forming my own list of why it’s good I don’t have my license. They are not even excuses. Promise. For example: Tyke and Ari are now in the habit of riding to the shops with me, particularly when Raph is away. At first they had to do it, but now they actually enjoy it. We all put on our backpacks and they help carry everything home too. I think this teaches them a lot – obviously about not needing to drive everywhere, but also about shopping locally from the green grocer and the butcher instead of the supermarket. We have super nice conversations (and occasional grumbles) in the process too. If I drove I’m pretty sure those things wouldn’t happen, or not as frequently anyway.

9. I finished a bunch of great freelance jobs, colabs and exhibitions. There were for super cool organisations like MIFF and Craft Vic and companies like Koko Black and Kester Black. Some have come and gone, some are still in works and will be revealed next year. But the overriding difference with a lot of the work was i asked to just to do my thing. That was pretty special. Next year there will be less freelance, as the new project i am working on will be taking up even more of my time. That will be launching in March, you’ll have to hold tight until then (although undoubtedly there will be some sneak peeks in the meantime).

10. My hood. This year marked the 6the year of us living in our house. That is the longest i have lived anywhere since my childhood home(s). Eariler this year we started to think about moving – we like our house and it has enough space for us but its weirdly designed. Possibly it would be easier for us to move  rather than renovate, and then we could also move into a school zone for Tyke to go to certain desired high schools (HIGH SCHOOL! I know). But then something switched in both Raph and I. Our house can be fixed, but it might be hard to find a hood as good. For the first time in forever, I feel so comfortably familiar with our surroundings.

We have great immediate neighbours –  Dom on one side, not only provides fantastic daily banter for Raph, but  also washes out our bins and lends us tools and cuts our grass. And then there are other neighbours close by. Some of our most favourite people have moved into the area. And we have met some of our other very favourite people from being in this hood too. We can stop buy their house after school for water fights. They come to our place for dinner.  Just before christmas we had 4 different neighbours over in one day – all unannounced drop-ins. Cups of tea, recipe tasting, borrowing things, dinner advice. We loved it. And not to mention Tyke and Ari’s friends who are all within walking distance too. All of that is finally making me understand what community it about. So for now, we are not moving. We are staying. Tyke may not go to the high school we want, but he will be happy in a community instead.

So there are some bits of 2013 all wrapped up into 10 neat and overly-wordy points.

IN SUMMARY- life is good, and I am counting my blessings. Thanks for reading, and happy and safe 2014 to you. xx