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true self / PAM sale / DIY sneaks

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

YES it’s been a while. it’s the usual excuse ( BOOK MAYHEM ) which will continue to rule my life for a few weeks yet, but for now there are a few things happening in melbourne which i wanted to write about:


i was involved in this exhibition last year (this is was one of my joint pieces), but this year is a little different. once again organised by jacky winter (who have an amazing new site BTW), ‘true self ‘sees photographers team up with different artist and illustrators to make a large scale piece with the theme of ‘positive self image’. i was lucky enough to be paired up with the awesome sean fennessy. working with sean was such a breeze it felt almost criminal! here is the result of our pairing:


there are a limited number of participants involved in this show, but it is of course a stand out cast including: misha hollenbach / warwick baker, tai snaith / jo duck and dylan martorell / clare are. there will be prints of various sizes and prices available for sale, and once again all the proceeds go towards charity fitted for work. the exhibition is on the top level of the GPO, and runs may 31st to june 23. more info here.


this is an event that comes around once (or maybe twice) a year and is known to cause mach anticipation and salivation amongst those with good taste. this sale will feature clothing from PAM, bernhard wilhelm, supreme, undercover and all the other labels stocked at someday. all of the items will be at very nice prices so be EARLY. details below (although has been extended until june 10 now!)



a few weeks ago i was asked by gorman to customise a pair of their new sneakers (along with 20 other creative peeps). having just returned from the week-long book photoshoot (more on that later) i thought i might be drained of all my DIY-abilities. but i managed to squeeze a bit more out, and onto these sneakers. you can see all the participant sneakers here, and also bid on them too (check out sibling’s and ashley goldberg’s – AMAZE). all the money from the sales go towards little seeds big trees.