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A Hidden Place with Kat Macleod

Thursday, April 18th, 2013


as you may know – for the past few months, i have been working on a collaborative exhibition with fellow illustrator kat macleod. (some WIP shots above, last one by ameila)

i was nervous about this collaboration at first – yes, i have worked on colabs before, but usually with companies in a commercial context. working with one of your peers in a purely creative context is quite a different experience. lucky for me it was a completely amazing one.

Kat is nothing short of a mega-star. so talented. so lovely. so organised (did you know she is part owner of ortolan?!). and on top of that a mum to 2yr old jimmy, and on her way to having twins!

the process of deciding how to go about the colab was an interesting one – kat and i started by sending pictures of things that were inspiring us to each other, from that we decided on a theme. then we drew up 2 lists of words, relating to the theme and also things we both liked to draw, and then divided the words in 2 jars and picked them out randomly. these random picks became the titles of each piece of work.

what have we made? 10 collaborative pieces – 5 pieces which kat started and passed on to me to finish, and 5 the reverse. we have also produced 8 solo pieces each, and 4 collaborative editioned prints. all the original work is the same is (76cm x 56cm), and for me, it is the largest scale and most amount of original artwork i have ever made for a show! we also put together an installation in the middle of the gallery, of  hand-dyed and spray painted streamers and garlands. after installing it for the last few days (with some help from alice oehr and amelia leuzzi - thanks ladies) it has turned out to be one of my favourite parts of the show.

i am so happy with this show – i cant tell you how much. even though kat and my styles are so different, the works have turned out beautifully, and feel very special too.

the exhibition opens tonight, from 6pm-9pm and then runs for 5 weeks:

‘A Hidden Place’, by Beci Orpin and Kat Macleod. April 19 – May 25. Lamington Drive, 15-25 Keele St, Collingwood. ph: 03 8060 9745

i will post some more detailed pics of the works a bit later, but if you are in melbourne please come to the opening tonight and see for yourself! in the meantime you can see some here, here and here.