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Tuesday, March 19th, 2013


- put together some easter DIY projects for german NIDO magazine. the bunny was our favourite and least-well-behaved prop.

- started working on a very fun and special collaborative project with kat mcleod. more details next week.

- sweltered through 2 record-breaking heatwaves. at one point i was so fed-up with my constant sweaty state i checked our family into a hotel for the night. it felt ridicoulsy excessive but our evening of swimming and a night of air-conditioned comfort (and my prevailing return to sanity) was worth every cent.

- discovered this super great new app.

- tried to keep up with ari’s creating frenzy. he is an art-making whirlwind at the moment.

- re-organised my studio (several times) in an effort to get the year started properly (it didn’t work).

- ventured on my annual pilgrimage to golden plains. it was SO HOT but i still had so much fun. i love you toro y moi and moody man.

- designed and put together 3 new mobiles for isetan in tokyo (and new chocolate boxes too). once again, all organised by the lovely folk at GAS.

one thing i haven’t been doing – you may have noticed – is blogging. not intentionally. other things have just been getting in the way – a ton of work, kid’s school schedules, piles of washing and a whole lot of ‘Girls‘(AKA best series ever written. ever). i’m not going to beat myself up over it. that’s just not the point of this here thing. and i do have a few things close to completion in my drafts folder. one or 2 might even make it to published folder pretty soon.

hope your enjoying the last of your summer (or winter) days…