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beci orpin for urban outfitters + giveaway

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

yes that would be me for urban outfitters. how E X C I T I N G. what a dream project.

one of the frustrating things of running a small-time business (and yes, it is very small time – sometimes i get email’s addressed to “the beci orpin team”. that team would be me, 2 part-time trusty helpers that i call in when i need/can afford them, and those other lovely ones who help out for free) is having loads of ideas for products and not the finance nor the time nor the people-power to make it happen. you can see evidence of this in the current very lack lustre state of my webstore.

but designing products is one of my favourite things to do. so when urban outfitters approached me to do a co-lab and design some items for their apartment section of course i said a big YES PLEASE. and it only got better from there. i sent a bunch of ideas thinking that the collection would get cut down to a few pieces, but to my dis-belief they just kept saying “lets do it” to most of what i sent through – with no changes at all to the designs! totes amaze.

and  here are the results:


lots of fun things hey? and of course they are all for sale on the urban outfitters site (and some on the UO UK site too). australians note: UO offers ridcously cheap shipping to aus – free for purchases over $50 even. (also note – there has been some trouble getting rugs shipped – although some peeps have succeeded. if you have trouble but are keen try a shipping service like this one or if you have buddies in the US get it sent to them and then on to you). i also did a little interview on the UO Blog over here.

and now it’s time for A GIVEAWAY. thanks to the generousity of urban outfitters i have a set of my colab products to giveaway. this is how it’s gonna roll: there will be three prize packs -

PRIZE PACK ONE contains: 1 x floating geo duvet cover and matching shams, 1 x stripe tribal rug, 1 x triangle cushion and 1 x dream-catcher

PRIZE PACK TWO contains: 1 x stripe geo duvet cover and matching shams, 1 x kilim rug, 1 x bear cushion

PRIZE PACK THREE contains: 1 x patchwork quilt and matching shams, 1 x geometric wall hanging

PLUS 3 runners up will receive a copy of my book “Find and Keep” (thanks to the champs at hardie grant)

to be in the running leave a comment below before 5pm monday 28th january (melbourne time). i will select all winners and match them with prize packs by random. winners will be notified early next week. good luck!

NB: there are some items which have currently sold out in the collection, but i have been informed UO have re-ordered and new stock will be arriving march/april.