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season’s greetings!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012


the end of the year was a big one for me – freelance jobs poured in, projects that where meant to be finished kept going… and going, and took me right up to the very end (i.e this afternoon). frankly i have been too busy to be feel even the slightest bit festive (thank the lawd for online shopping or none of that would have been done either). but finally it hit me today, as i wrapped one thousand presents, baked some strange cookies and was surrounded by a very excited tyke and ari. nothing makes you feel more christmasey than excited children. (except maybe illegal fireworks in the park across the road. that can work too).

it has been a HUGE year for me. biggest by far. so i just wanted to thank-you out there for your support and comments and general good vibes in 2012. it makes what i do worthwhile and feel that extra bit awesome.

hope you enjoy a lovely festive season with your clan. MERRY MERRY to you. see you in 2013. x