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5 current happenings

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

1. vase obsession: i brought this one from mr.kitly and i’m  filling with stolen-from-the-street pre-spring blossoms to max out it’s prettiness (at swim two birds pot holder from mr.kitly too).


2. re-discovering peter and the wolf: it was my absolute favourite when i was a kid (below is the record we had) and now my kids are loving it too. ari in particular, who listens to it  low through headphones at night while he goes to sleep. we downloaded this version.

Peter and the Wolf

3. heading to brisbane: to speak at semi-permenant (melbourne one as well in 2 weeks). even after my recent flurry of talks the thought of public speaking still makes me ill, but i am looking forward to enjoying some queensland sunshine, checking out kirra’s show, and also hanging out with lovely leah all weekend long. as part of my presentation i’m including some words of advice, such as:


4. dreaming of spring outfits: i’m longing for that feeling of just wearing one layer and open toed shoes (fingers crossed i’ll get slice of that action in QLD). my current dream outfit includes: PAM dress, object and totem necklace and tsumori chisato espadrilles (available from pet shop girls)


5. guest editing lost and found newsletter: you can read my favourite melbourne tips here, and keep checking lost of found’s FB page to win a competition which will include an afternoon of shopping, lunch and my company in the very near future.


some other things currently happening on my computer: max crumb’s “maidenhair“, eat this food, and booking holidays.

any brisbane tips please send my way! in the meantime – BRING ON SPRING xx