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DIY urges

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

all this talk about my book and i don’t believe i have exactly explained what it  is about? well – it is titled “find and keep“, and it’s loosely about finding ideas and inspiration, and then what to do with them – how to put them into action. it also shows my working process – how i find inspiration and what i do with it. also, as part of this there are some DIY projects in the book. 26 of them in fact!

admittedly, the projects section was the publishers idea. it never dawned on me to do something like this, and when they suggested it, i was like – “oh yeah, i guess i could do that”. and honestly, i’ve never thought as myself as the crafty type (although a lot of people do).

i have absolutely nothing against crafters – the opposite infact, i envy their skills. but here’s the truth about my craft skills – i can’t sew to save myself, i knew how to knit once but promptly forgot and would not have the faintest idea what to do with a crochet hook. but the more i thought about it, the more i saw how my work did fit into the “handmade” (or craft) category. and then putting the projects together didn’t feel as foreign as i thought. infact, it actually became my most favourite part of the book.

now, i’m back to my normal working life – some commercial illustration here, few exhibition pieces there (more on that soon), and what i’m fast discovering, is that all i want to do is go back to making things with my hands. pinterest has definitely helped fuel this fire (i’m addicted – I’ve had to limit myself to looking at it once a day otherwise i suffer from complete visual overload!). some images i have found which have encouraged me plan some projects:


on my list: a bit of beading (image from here), a bit of braiding (fred butler head band, image from here; mato creative bag at totokaelo-art-object) and some site specific embroidery (chair by the amazing duo peter and sally necini).

i have put some of this craft urge into action recently. last week i made some cushions for mr.kitly which will be part of the “this space” installation which bree has put together at perimeter books. there are only 6 cushions in total –  2 which i dip-dyed and the others are one-off made from fabric i’ve collect from around the place. i think they turned out pretty:


the installation runs until august 11, and any cushions not sold there will be sold at mr.kitly after that.

if you have any good DIY inspiration links please feel free to send my way – i simply can’t get enough. enjoy your weekend x