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Monday, January 30th, 2012

i’m struggling through the last few days of the school holidays. everything was going pretty well until the end of last week, but right now i’ve had it up to here with children fighting, trying to conjure up creative activities (which usally ends in an ipad/iphone being shoved in their general direction and me shouting “fine“) and my pantry being in limbo thanks to the endless appetite of growing boys. plus raph has been sick (one part proper sickness, three parts man flu),  which is just down right annoying (i am quite the heartless cow when it comes to dealing with whimpering grown men). to top it all off, the cats have also been meeewing at me incessantly, wanting food/attention at any given part of the day.

i would say i’m currently feeling a bit like a household slave.

but, apart from that, life has been good. we’ve been enjoying the summer days, and i’ve had some incredibly exciting emails appear in my inbox the past week.  i’ve also been treating myself to a few nice things here and there (as a reward for enduring slavery). here are some of them:


from the top:

- a new shelf. my studio has been in desperate need of more storage for a while now, so after an extensive search i fell in love with this one from codename tom (and it was on sale). i’m still in the slow process of re-arranging everything – a quick look of the top few shelves for now.

- pieces from some educational puzzles i brought from the oppy. not sure exactly what i will do with them, just rearranging them in different patterns on my desk is pretty good for the moment.

- vintage pennants: my new obsession. i brought the brunswick one for raph for his birthday (as part of my secret make raph’s-office-awesome plan), and i couldn’t resist anything that says “endless caverns”. from eBay.

- the best postcard in the world. a badly but beautifully hand-painted photo, with script that reads “ollie, age 12, 1913″. i can’t stop looking at it. from eBay again.

- a “room decorator”, i think from peru. the photo doesn’t do the colours justice – fluro pinks, minty greens, sulphury yellows. i have it hanging around my lounge room doorway and it makes me smile pretty much every time i walk under it.

- my new journals: “bear magic” and “lost girl”. i made them with ginkgo press (who made my last journals too). these are just samples for now, but i will have some on my webstore later in feb, and they will be for sale at other places too.

oh, there will still be a giveaway… soon! x