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points of frustration (today)

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

* ari’s 4.52am wake up call.

* my studio being in a perpetual mess for the last 6 months. i just can’t seem to get it clean. it constantly makes me feel (even more) disorganised.

* tio wants to play when i have deadlines.

* there are one thousand small jobs i need to finish, and for some reason the multi-tasking part of my brain is already on holidays.

* raph’s paper work all over my desk, answering calls for taco truck/beatbox kitchen all day.

* tyke forgetting his goggles for swimming, and only realising once we had arrived at school. i yelled at him for not being responsible for his things, he cried, i felt awful, so went home and collected them. no lesson’s learned there for any one.

* that this time of year is SO CRAZY. between raph and my schedules we don’t get to see each other properly until saturday night around 10pm.

* that i use my blog for venting. sorry about that.