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Wednesday, July 20th, 2011


it was interesting seeing how things have changed since march’s events. on the surface not much at all, but then you notice the fridge lights at lawson are not on (in an effort to save power), and that there is lots of talk about radio-active food, and a distinct lack of tourists too. and then, there was also the 4.0 aftershock we experienced on thursday night. that was a definite wake-up call.

despite all this, it was still the toyko i love, full of inspiration and awesomeness and friends and the best food on the planet (i think we ate 6 meals a day). our 5 days were action packed – we discovered some new spots (narukiyo izakaya – the best!), visited the tokyo art book fair (heaven), drank litre’s of iced lattes and biru (not together) and had some good meetings too. despite our hectic schedule raph and i managed to squeeze in lots of hanging out / sleeping-in which was a real treat.

now,  it all feels like a dream… but its nice to be home and safe and with our kids in cold but earthquake-free melbourne. and i’m also busy – so busy! freelance work coming out of ears (love it) and next week i am participating in 3 events as part of the state of design festival. later in august i am speaking and exhibiting at look hear in newcastle too. will tell you about all that tomorrow.