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Tuesday, March 29th, 2011


in between all the work i have been up to lots of other things too:

- golden plains: still just as fun the second time round. highlights include best coast, architecture in helsinki, the clean, bamboo musik dj’s;¬†causing trouble with max and sarah; sunset ferris wheel ride during joanna newsom; working a 12 hr shift in the beatbox and meeting lots of super nice folk (hi to the girl who had the princess tina bear purse! i have forgotten your name but it was nice to meet you!)

- a lovely one year old’s party in the park followed by an equally¬†lovely wedding (congrats tris and age!)

- trip to the melbourne aquarium with tyke and ari

- packing: all my work is now finished and i leave tonight! right now i am feeling ill with anxiety and anticipation of 8 whole days child and work-free. i am considering taking along some dirty washing, a recording of whining kids and setting myself some deadlines just incase i freak out too much. sure these feelings will be replaced by excitement pretty soon (this blog full of amazing seoul photos and tips definitely helps).

full holiday report coming up next xx