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new website live!

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

after a few months of procrastination on my behalf, our new website is finally live (and you may notice my new-look matching blog too!)! have a look –


a thousand million thanks to sam morgan for putting it all together – he really has been an absolute genius to work with. not only did he think of so many details i would have never thought of (eg iphone/ipad versions of the site), he was always super quick with all the work (despite that i dropped the ball for a bit) and wasn’t at all bothered when i proceeded to change my mind every second email (although he may have been tearing his hair out – his emails were always very pleasant). its also hard to find a web designer with both technical knowledge and great aesthetics - sam really is the complete awesome package! 

sam is so busy creating amazing websites he doesn’t even have one for himself, but if you have web project you would like discuss with him, email me through the site (link here) and i will send you his details. 

also – big thanks to lovely leah for all her hard work too – she surely is happy to see the back of this one. you are great leah!!!!!

another quick thanks: for those who came to markit on sunday!  it was a really successful day for us and was so nice to meet so many new people!  

thats it for now. less ego-centric post coming soon. xx