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and the beat goes on…

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

i was really happy with how my exhibition turned out – thanks so much to any of you who came to the opening or have visited since. feedback has been so very lovely indeed. i will post some photos of the gallery when i have them. lamington drive also have an online catalogue which you can download here.

after the opening, my recovery from the show was forcibly rapid – i had dreams of taking a break (or at least a few hours off) which were rudely shattered once i discovered i had 3 deadlines to finish before tuesday. so it was back to work.

even though my world has pretty much been consumed by the exhibition there was still plenty of other things going on in the studio over the past few weeks. here are some of them -

justine clarke’s new cd “great big world” was released with our artwork in place. dvd is well under way too and looking nice.


i made this family portrait for my mum’s 60th birthday. happy birthday mum! you are my inspiration and a truely great human being and deserve a full-length post about your amazing achievements in the very near future


we launched a tiny mammoth section on our webstore. a selection of our winter collection now available – have a look here


i made some new art pieces for outre gallery. currently – i feel like an art making-machine (and loving it). these pieces are originals, and there is one more in the series too (rabbit). i was most pleased with how they turned out


10th birthday issue of inside out was released and to commemorate their birthday they asked artists to make a piece of art that represents “heart and home”. lucky me was one of those artists – others include amanda henderson, ken done and rob ryan. you can see more details here. the pieces are being auctioned online and proceeds going to charity heartskids. here is my piece  -


dan rule wrote a very nice article about me and my show. he managed to capture exactly what its like in our studio in words (miso even gets a mention). its on broadsheet and you can read it here. thanks dan!

i was asked to be a judge of the 2010 kit design award. its a fun competition and great opportunity, and this year open to all designers (not just students as previous years). check it out here.

phew. and thats about it for now.