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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

i hate to start with another yet another whine, but these past 2 weeks i just cant keep up. we have been so busy day and night, weekday and weekend – i feel like i am scrambling to do anything and everything. there are a million emails/messages unanswered, the cupboards are empty, the washing is piling up a mile high (clothes and dishes), children are feeling neglected and i am feeling like there is no way on earth i am ever ever going to get it all done.

what has been making us so busy? well, there was the justine clarke film shoot, (which was a manic and amazing experience), a decent-sized freelance job for a major banking corporation (thanks jacky winter), delivery of tiny mammoth AW range into stores, on-going illustrations for a UK published DIY book (think bunnings catalogue’s, but a nicer, colour version) and not to mention artworks/preparations for my very-fast-approaching exhibition at lamington drive

although i do love all my work equally, i have been most excited with the latter. i have titled the show “the infinite shape of rainbows”. all the works are going to be brightly-multi-coloured or black & white. i am also looking at opposites. so far its working out pretty well, and i have been producing pieces in a feverishly ecstatic state – often completely losing track of the time (oh look, its 1.35am, how did that happen?) who knows if this will translate into the pieces actually being any good, but at least i am having fun making them.

the show opens on the 15th of april – no doubt i will posting more in depth about it soon.


some other things that have been getting me through my busy-ness

my sister sent me an awesome package -


she just moved from hong kong to seoul in the last week, and sent me this bunch of lovely korean-designed stationary to tempt me into visiting (not much tempting needed!). not only did this make me feel very happy, but also equally lame – i am totally crap at sending packages (owe you one too gini) and have had her birthday present waiting to be sent on my desk for 6 weeks now. she has just moved her whole life from one country to another and she can still get it together to send me an exceptionally thoughtful and very cute package. sigh. how did i miss out on those genes? 

i met megan morton.


oh. my. god. what a lady. warm, heart-felt, hilarious, fascinating and not to mention ridiculously talented and enterprising. plus mother of 3 kids! she has a new blog and also a new book (above) out titled “homelove” through penguin.

sarah showed me this. sarah has been working in our studio on casual basis for a little while now. she is awesome and i am beginning to think we cant live without her. especially when she bring things like this into my life. if you are into english accents, cats talking and need a good laugh this is the video for you.

our house was featured on design files today -


once again thanks go out to lucy feagins – you and your blog does such great things for melbourne! and thanks also for making my house look nice, it was worth the 16hr clean-up (stayed like that for all of 20 mins once children were let back in…) also while at design files check out  tinker by print inks beautiful new homewares range.

we went to raph’s nan’s 91st birthday. there are few things that make you feel better than a sunday lunch in the country on a beautiful autumn afternoon. we also went fishing here (tyke said it was the best day of his life!)


happy birthday dot!