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an nice end to my not-so-great week

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

my past week sucked. my problems were all work-related. there has been a hold-up on a job i am working on which left me in limbo (i hate being in limbo). i un-intentionally put a new friend whom i very much admire in a professionally awkward spot. i did a pitch for a job and did it badly, and knew it was bad, and still submitted it, and then felt terrible, like i let a lot of people down. and i had a major cannellini bean recipe failure too. the whole week just felt like a mess. 

but last night i went to an opening at hell gallery and saw some of my favourite people (and babies) who also told me their weeks were not so good. then i got to look at some great drawings, eat raph’s burgers (beatbox was there!), drink beer in the park  and watch the pink clouds in the sunset sky while my kids were happily going crazy in the playground. it made everything feel a million times better. amazing what a night away form the computer in the last of summer twilight can do.

this morning we also discovered this gigantic zucchini in our garden. i am going to slice it length-ways and fry in a pan with olive oil and add lemon juice, fresh chopped mint, parsley, oregano and serve it with goats feta. yum.