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botanic gardens visit

Monday, January 25th, 2010

today we took advantage of the last of the freedom of school holidays and the perfect weather and visited my favourite place in the CBD – the royal botanic gardens.


the last one is our very perfect picnic spot. the second last one is from the ian potter childrens garden – we usually spend a lot of time there but today  the interactive water feature was in action. was the first time we have experienced it and was absolute paradise for tyke and ari (there were many many leaf boats made, sailed and sunk). despite my warnings tyke came out saturated when we left. water sporadically spurting out of the ground was just too much temptation for a 6 yr old.  if you haven’t visited you should add it to your “to-do-in-melbourne” list. its well worth it. and free too!

tomorrow i am celebrating australia day by working with/for raph in beatbox kitchen, which will be serving its goodness at the big day out (we have added frites with 4 different sauces to our menu!). its my first venture into hospitality and i am mildly freaking out. if you are one of the 53,000 peeps going we will be in the lily-pad (over 18′s area – sorry kids) – come say hi and laugh at me burning myself and possibly swearing profusely (although am thinking of sneaking off to see dizzee later in the evening). beatbox will also be serving at laneway festival on saturday.

i’m off to sticker a few thousand frites cones – ahhh the glamour and excitement of small business….