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whitley artwork and beci orpin products!

Friday, October 30th, 2009

this week i have been struggling with a post-birthday hangover, a cold, feelings of ground-hog day after 6pm (parents out there will hear me!), endless tiredness (ari decided to start waking up at night again), leah being away  and a more hectic-than-usual workload. its not been the easiest of weeks. if i didn’t feel so lucky to be doing what i do, i would be preparing one big therapeutic whinge-post right now. but let the whinging cease here!

new whitley album “go fourth find mammoth” was released today, adorned with my artwork


i had free brief for this one, which sometimes can be a blessing and a curse. in this case it was a blessing – i got to listen to music by one of my most favourite people and design my interpretation of it. and to my relief he liked it too. whitley is also touring in november… on stage he is charming, witty, and engaging. and of course he can sing like nothing else too. you should go if you have the chance.

also, after what has felt like a long wait… this week our new beci orpin line started trickling into stores. here are a selection of product shots we took recently - 


my web shop is still not up… but getting very close. in the meantime, we have lots of nice retail stockist (compiling a list which will post later) and look out for press in frankie, real living and inside out, as well as giveaways coming up on the design files, three thousand and also here. 

see you later – i’m off to bake friday-night brownies and BBQ in this weird melbourne evening weather. perfect cure for a hectic week!