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things that happened this week

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

ari turned 2! i made chocolate blue dinosaur cake (ari’s request) for his party and coconut cake with passion fruit icing for his actual birthday. happy birthday to the one we like to call “thug life” – can you please stop growing up so fast?! 


i finished the art direction for the new whitley album. artwork turned out a treat. here is new logo (much better than the old new logo). 


I had really big email dramas that went on for 6 days. it not only affected my email but also my site and this blog (i notice my last post has disappeared somewhere into cyberspace? anyone seen it?). apart from the pure frustration of communications breakdown while trying to meet 2 deadlines – i discovered i am quite O.C.D when it comes to my email and cant survive more than 15 minutes without checking my inbox, so i was quite freaked out. and yesterday afternoon when it was fixed, more than 350 emails poured in. so awesome. 

i wore my new favourite dress for the first time –  the “noon day” dress from latest PAM collection. shauna.t really does design the best dresses. i wish i got a few so i never had to wear anything else. 


wallpaper samples from pottok arrived in the mail. i will be the first to admit i am a geoff mcfetridge groupie. proper. just to get these samples was like touching a piece of his artwork *shivers*. and check out the cute scalloped edge. after a week of placing them in various places in our house, i think i have now found the perfect spot for my GM whale wall (wallpapering has now moved to the top of my “house projects to do” list)


i found some pretty geometric circular objects around the house. i feel (yet another) a collection coming on….


suitcase packing madness. tomorrow we are going on our first family holiday in 3 years – to malaysia! we are going to visit raph’s relatives and then indulge in some  tropical island resort luxury. we will also arrive just in time for hari raya celebrations. right now i am out of my mind with mental lists, excitement and nervousness, and wondering how a sqiurmy 2 yr old is going to cope with an 8 hr flight.


i am planning to stay as far away from computers as possible so blog posts might well be absent of the next 2 weeks. til next time – jampa lagi!