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googly-eyed mayhem and other goings on

Monday, August 31st, 2009

with my work (still feels criminal calling it “work”) i find things come in waves – some weeks we spend lots of our time researching, other weeks it’s putting together boring (but important) things like specsheets and linesheets, and sometimes its doing whole bunch of different stuff… but these past 2 weeks have been solid, heavy-duty designing. its been exhausting and draining, but also most satisfying and exciting

aside from all the kit excitement, we have been working on yet another cover for built by wendy sew u book 3 (that’s the third cover we have done! this one is definitely going through though), as well as new yardage prints for her fall 2010 range, final artwork for new whitley album and promo materials (pretty excited about this one!), my first illustration job through jacky winter (cant say for whom for as yet), a tee-shirt design for my friend’s home-birth cause (read more about it here), re-designing the logo and branding for ari’s daycare (a freebie – fun one though), finalising prints for jethro and jackson, and working on new papercuts and prints for a group show i have coming up in brisbane.

and all the while, the final samples for my new line have arrived and are being photographed, as well as the new tiny mammoth summer collection coming in, being swing-tagged, sorted into orders and sent out to our stores. and just to make this a little bit harder – as part of the collection i designed a patchwork bear with googly eyes, which proved to be a best seller, so lucky noe spent a good few days sewing eyes on bears and tee-shirts. she was going googly-crazy by the end, at which stage i promised never to design anything with googly eyes again (i had my fingers crossed behind my back – sorry noe, i just could not make such a promise!)

needless to say it has been a proper madhouse around here.

here are some photos of the googly-eyed mayhem and some of the orders waiting to go out -


and here are some of my fav piece’s from the new collection… tiny mammoth website update coming very soon!