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robin boyd walking tour

Thursday, April 30th, 2009


when i was little, i wanted to grown up to be an architect. that was until about year 9, when someone told me to get into architecture one needed to be good at physics and maths. there went that dream. regardless, i can still appreciate architecture, and  robin boyd is one of my favourites. not only was he from melbourne, he was from of a famous creative family (yes those boyds),and he had great things to say about design.

before tyke was born, raph and i moved into a great apartment in walsh st, south yarra. after tyke arrived, i spent a fair bit of time walking up and down walsh st on my way to the yarra with him in the pram. i was always intrigued by the house near the end of the street with red gate. i investigated further and discovered it was designed by robyn boyd for himself and his family. i then continued to discover a bunch of other houses i was facsinated by were also designed robin boyd. after that raph and i become boyd-stalkers, driving around suburbs at night looking for certain houses.

these days, the boyd house in walsh street (shown above) is home to the robin boyd foundation – a great organisation “…which continues the work and spirit of robin boyd through an active, innovative and ongoing series of public learning programs developed to increase individual and community awareness, understanding and participation in design…”. its a good thing they are doing.

this sunday (3rd of may) the boyd foundation is running an open house program in lovely, leafy, hilly studley park area of kew. you can find more details here.  if you want to know/see more on robin boyd, nic dowse (who is a driving force behind R.B.F and also a lucky owner of a boyd house) also has a blog and a flickr group, with lots more info and photos.

** CORRECTION – nic has informed me that although he is “a” driving force behind r.b.f, “THE” driving force and director is actually tony lee.